Google Assistant solution

Google Assistant

Automated Assistance

Automated assistance

Enable 24/7 AI-powered support to reduce costs while improving customer satisfaction:

  • Branded shipping update notifications
  • Simple voice activated order tracking
  • Real-time answer to frequently asked questions
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Personalized Recommendation

Turn every customer interaction into a sales opportunity by promoting:

  • Proactively promote post-purchase cross-selling
  • Inspire with new arrivals, best deals and trending products
  • Highlight results based on purchase history when searching for products
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Personalized recommendation

Voice Shopping

voice shopping solution

Let your customers place and repeat orders through a personalized and engaging voice-activated shopping journey to increase revenue and customer loyalty

  • Conversational and intuitive journey from product research to cart assembly
  • Secure and seamless voice-activated payment experience
  • Easy reorder through a few simple voice commands
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An Impactful, easy and custom-made solution

multi device solution


A specific customer journey
adapted to each type of Google
Assistant device: smartphone or
smart speaker, whether with
screen or voice only

ready to use templates solution

Ready-to-use templates

your virtual assistant comes with
fully optimized pre-built trainings,
prompts and flows that you can
activate with just a few clicks

fully customizable solution

Fully customizable

Our intuitive web builder allows
you to fully customize default
templates and build your new
custom flows, with no coding

The most advanced voice commerce solution for your brand

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