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Useful answers for voice and conversational commerce

Frenquently asked questions for voice and conversational commerce

What is Conversell?

Conversell is a turnkey SaaS solution that allows you to deliver the best voice shopping experience to your customers without coding, in a few simple steps, Conversell converts your ecommerce store into a voice-based one, with unlimited customizable features and full conversational AI capabilities on multiple devices. This allows your brand to communicate with each of your customers and convert them into sales opportunities

What is a voice-store?

A voice store is an online store operated using conversational AI. As a web store is on the web, a voice store is on voice assistants. A voice store can be a skill on Alexa or an action on Google Assistant. Skills or Actions to voice speakers are like apps for your smartphone.

Can I customize my users' voice shopping experience?

Yes, the platform is fully customizable and gives you full control to decide what your users will hear and what products or search results will appear in your voice store. In other words, you can customize your users' voice shopping experience and path to purchase.

How do my customers interact with my store on Google Assistant?

In order for your customers to interact with your store, they will have to trigger your store. The trigger for your store is your domain name on Google Assistant and is usually the brand name. This domain name must include two or more words. Your store can also be activated by a link or button through the website, newsletter, social media, etc.

Which shopping solutions does Conversell offer?

Conversell enable your customers to have a full voice shopping experience with your store. Conversell offers your customers with many voice shopping features such as:
• Search & browse products.
• Enable notifications.
• Manage shopping list.
• Track their orders.
• Make a purchase.
• Filter products.
• Repeat their orders.

Tips for a successful voice shopping solution on your brand

Get Alexa Skills or Google Actions

"Skills" for Alexa or "actions/intents" for Google Assistant are like apps for a voice assistant. For example, online shopping retailer Best ForBathroom has connected to Google Assistant, which means you can simply say, "Ok Google, ask Best Forbathroom to search for shampoo."

Improve brand awareness on Alexa

If you’re selling your products on Amazon’s eCommerce marketplace, you will have an advantage capturing customers who have an Amazon smart speaker device, like an Echo or Echo Buds. Naturally, the Amazon virtual assistant favours its own eCommerce service for sales.

Improve brand awareness on Google Assistant

If you have your own online store on Shopify for example, you can connect your store in a few simple steps to Google Assistant. In fact, away from search engines, you will have more chance of people buying from your eCommerce store if they navigate there directly. “Ok Google, talk to your store name"

Educate customers

Use your best marketing tactics and customer support services to combat ignorance and shame around using voice commerce, and increase your customer base as a result. Include information on the best words and phrases for customers to say when using your eCommerce services, too, to make their shopping experience smoother.

Optimise for How People Really Speak

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly built into many voice commerce systems, and they’re getting better at Natural Language Processing (NLP) every year, able to recognise better what people really mean when they speak in fluid, natural language. But you still have to do your part by optimising your website for keywords and phrases used in voice searches.

useful tips for a successful voice shopping solution on your brand

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